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Hi all, we i.e. “ACACIA HOSPITALITY SUPPLY LLC” have found a new topic- “ROOM SERVICE TROLLEY”. Sounds interesting. Let us discuss to make you understand about it.

I know there are many questions in your mind.  What is it? How it works? Etc., etc. But believe us  after this discussion you will come to understand about it.

Firstly, what is it? Without know the meaning of room service trolley you will never understand why it is used for. Ok without wasting time let us start. By the name we hope you all understand a bit that it is used in hospitality industry like hotel, motel, resort, also in many trains. it is a wheel-based food carriage, linen, crockery and cutlery to your room. Mainly for large number of guests. But waiter also serve food to rooms for less number of guests in many occasions.

Next how many types of room service trolley is there? See why we are discussing this point; We will tell you in short. If you don’t know the types of room service trolley how will you come to know which type you want or what is your requirement. Now direct to the point.

1.Room service trolley with hot box or case; It is used mainly to keep the food warm.

  1. Room service trolley with trays; Normally used by many hotels where you can put the order trays according to the order sequence.
  2. Room service trolley with refrigerator; It is used for keeping the food chilled specially for pudding, Ice cream, and any other beverages

Now I will tell you how to setup the room service trolley. Set up of room service trolley doesn’t mean that you have to assemble it. Setup of room service trolley meaning you have to put the tray or orders according to the booking. First order will be placed first, then according to the sequence. It must be cover with clean cloth.

See room service trolley is very important now a days in hotel industry. It carry a large number of order. It help to carry because it is base on wheel. It is easily accessible to elevators, escalators. It can be use as dining table also. Earlier one people use to carry one order. Then he/she has to come again and has to carry second order. Which make the service very downwards. But nowadays room service trolley saves time as well as one room service person can carry large number of orders. Which make the customer happy as they are getting their food on time and in a very hygienic way.

Room Service trolley

Room Service trolley

Last but not the least. Where you will find it? Don’t worry ACACIA HOSPITALITY SUPPLY LLC in Dubai – United Arab Emirates – UAE is there to help you we deal with all types of hotel room service trolley. And most important thing the after sales service. You don’t have to go anywhere for any type of room service trolley sales and service, we are here to help you. Regarding the price I must tell you that the price may differ due to its type and may be due to export. But we take care of the quality and price.

So we must conclude this topic with a short description. Come, visit us once. You will visit again and again. Thank you.

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