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Hi all, we i.e. “ACACIA HOSPITALITY SUPPLY LLC” have found a new topic- “ROOM SERVICE TROLLEY”. Sounds interesting. Let us discuss to make you understand about it. I know there are many questions in your mind.  What is it? How it works? Etc., etc. But believe us  after this discussion you will come to understand about it. Firstly, what is it? Without know the meaning of room service trolley you will never understand why it is used for. Ok without wasting time let us start. By the name we hope...

Why Should You Never Compromise on Your Hospitality Equipment?

Hospitality business around the world in general and in Dubai in particular is on the verge of rise. And why shouldn’t it be? Afterall, Dubai is one of the most sought after place for the foreign tourists based on the tourist attractions it has. From Dubai’s famous desert safari to the iconic Burj Khalifa, saying that city is the land of hospitality won’t be wrong. Coming back to the point of guests and hospitality, when it comes to hospitality, then there are certain things that should never be compromised. Guess what’s...

How Better Hotel Equipment Can Boost Your Restaurant Sales?

Sales of any restaurants have never been constant. It depends on the demand, supply and season that how many customers are going to walk in into your restaurant. According to the successful restaurants’ owner, the two most important components to maintain and increase your sales are; retaining the current customers and increasing the number of new customers. Indeed, even the best restaurant organizations can possibly expand sales. Before, restaurant proprietors have accepted that paying for advertising and marketing was the best course for expanding eatery sales. While this still...

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