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Safety Box and Minibar

Ensuring quality in hospitality

We present to you an exclusive collection of safes box and minibar for hotel and hospitality sectors that renders various options to get adapted with an easy process of installation. The technology of our product has to pass through different levels and formats along with the variation of sizes which compliments. It has allowed us to bring forth a wide hotel range that responds to the current demand of installation along with the highest level and requirements.

Safe box for hotels and offices:

Hotel and accommodation facilities have to offer their guests the comfort and security of their assets and belongings. The initial security is provided with the secured electronic lock that is installed to access the task of opening and closing the door to maintain privacy in their room. The hotel safety box in UAE is provided in the hotel’s room is equipped with stand equipment that is integrated with extra security and confidence to the customers. Air tickets, passports, and other valuable items can be kept in the hotel safe when the customer leaves the room.

Our manufactured safety box is provided with extra convenience while opening and closing with the use of the smartphone, proximity card, or personal numerical code. Moreover, the single-use random master code signifies an improvement in the level of hotel safe security. Moreover, the addition of incorporate advanced technology functions to provide the highest standard of safety that prevents damage while keeping or removing items from the safe. These are high-performing equipment that can be managed easily with the use of the backlit rubber keyboard which is operated in a low light environment.

Hotel minibars:

We offer a range of hospitality and hotel minibars that is integrated with the cooling technology and even benefitted from the features like absorption, silent compressor, and thermoabsorption. There are different types of hotel minibar model that is boosted with various technological features and size that covers the entire requirement of the hotel and hospitality sector. There different range of minibar having different cooling technologies that can be adapted to the installation of each specification. The hotel minibar offered by us is a traditional solution that offers maximum services silently, efficiently, and even consumes low power. This minibar does not have any moving parts serving as the cooling system. These bars are ecologically efficient and boosted with the technology that is CFC-free and can even reach different A-level of energy efficiency. Moreover, the minibar entire system helps in eliminating the noise to a greater extend.

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