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Irons and Iron Boards

Ensuring quality in hospitality


The luxurious option introduced for in-room guests is ironing. Therefore it is needed that the amenities should be light, compact, and even easy to handle while ironing. The equipment is designed with all benefits to the need of the hotel and their guest. We are even involved in the production of the hotel iron board and steam iron separately. Howsoever, our steam iron is available in various textures and even featured with different plugs such as Euro/ Schucko plug, UK plug, and Swiss adapter which not only offer durability but even make it highly functional. 

Our manufactured ironing board height can be easily adjusted and is integrated with features like 1800W to 2000W steam iron and 360° rotating iron organizer. This iron stand is considered to be a unique combination that is provided with all convenient features. The iron holder is provided with a solid hook that makes the purpose of storing quite easier on the rail. Moreover, the presence of the anti-theft cable lock helps keep the iron attached to the board to reduce the risk of iron loss. And for the guest who generally forgets to switch off the iron after use is going to meet with the iron that automatically shuts down if not used or moved keeping all of the property safe and secured. Moreover, it is even featured at an affordable range. Besides all, the board is quite strong and sturdy with the addition of a black frame and easily replaceable elastic cover makes it widely in demand.  These boards are even quite easy to clean and maintained. 

We even accept bulk orders to gain a special position in the hotel amenities business and even do not compromise with the quality. Place your order today and get the adorable and highly practical options.

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