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Do you run a hotel?

Then, you must understand the importance of hospitality for the customers. In Acacia Hospitality Supply LLC we think that the global hospitality industry is known to be constantly affected by ever-changing trends & developments.

However, what are some of the common set of hotel amenities box and comforts that distinguish your hotel from the modern?

To be more specific, the guests are able to control various aspects of the room –including shade & intensity of room lighting, setting the desired room temperature, scheduling what to watch on the smart TV, closing the curtains, and so more. As a hotel owner, look out for hotel amenities for sale.


Amongst other essential hotel amenities catalog from the leading 5 Stars hotel amenities suppliers in Dubai like Acacia Hospitality Supply LLC, based in Dubai United Arab Emirates – UAE you should include toiletries items like hotel shampoo, hotel kit, hotel soap, hotel dental kit, hotel slippers and so more you can fine with AHS brand.

Given the ongoing pandemic, you might also consider including hotel amenities COVID from the best hotel amenities manufacturers. There are several hotel amenities ideas that you can implement for ensuring the overall success of your business.

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