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Hotel? What comes first in our mind.

A clean room, excellent service, and good food. But do you know how all the wishes come true, because of us “ACACIA HOSPITALITY SUPPLY LLC”? How? Let us make you understand. 

We are the leading hotel supply company in Dubai with the recognized brand of “AHS”.

Confused? Let us start from the beginning

First, what makes your room beautiful. Yes, its furniture, linen, but it should be according to the theme of the hotel. We provide the latest designed and durable furniture, crockery, cutlery, linen, all room service, housekeeping, kitchen essential that suits a hotel. What you will see first when you enter a hotel? Reception isn’t it. Yes. If the reception of the hotel decorated like a palace and the furniture is modern design – will it match, or the furniture isn’t the best quality will you prefer the hotel? No. Don’t worry we are here. We will take care of that. That’s why we are the leading hotel supply company in Dubai United Arab Emirates – UAE.

Second, what’s come the second, hope you know. Yes, definitely the room. No one will stay in an untidy, non-furnished room. Will you? Definitely no. Assume that you are in a boutique hotel and the room is designed as per a theme. But what about the furniture and linen. Awesome, we are the solution we provide the best linen and furniture as per your requirements.

OH! How do we forget about the bathroom? That’s a must thing. We provide bathroom towels. As you know it will be the best. Customer satisfaction is a must for you and us also.

We have all the solution what you need in a hotel. Be it a room dustbin, luggage rack, room service trolley. We have all product what you need in-room service and front office.

Don’t forget a good chef always need a good, equipped kitchen. Next is food. If a customer wants food which need a special equipment which you don’t have but you have the best chef in the world. Will it be possible to make that dish? Absolutely no. But you can make it. We will provide you what you need in the kitchen. Be it kitchenware be it a bar stand be its kitchen equipment. All you need is with us.

A good dish is nothing without a good garnish. Like that a good, decorated dish is nothing without good crockery. Crockery and cutlery bring the goodness of the dish which you prepared. As well as a good decoration of A la carte and buffet are required. Why? Assume you are eating at a table which is not beautifully decorated – will you like that much? No. So, the table decoration is a must. How? We will provide you all the necessary things like the best tablecloths, cutlery, pots, etc.

What we conclude now. Hope you all understand. Now, we hope you are very much sure that why we are the best hotel supply company in UAE. We assure you that this is an umbrella of hotel supplies. You will get all the solutions and the best product in one place. Come to us or visit our website for more details. 

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